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Sales administration

We prepare the export sales documentation  

In addition to the transport contract, Challenge International has created a specific department specialised in sales administration.

Our team of experts are trained to carry out the formalities related to export sales. They prepare all the necessary documents for the commercial operation on the seller’s behalf, including the certificate of origin (stamped by the Chamber of Commerce), commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading and certificate maritime. They also prepare drafts and other original documents required by the banks.

In order to quickly and efficiently provide these services, our experts are given various administrative mandates by the exporter client, allowing them to establish and sign official documents such as signing authority for bank deposits, letters of credit and visas with the Chambers of Commerce.

Trained by banking organisations in banking procedures and rules, our administrative experts assist our clients to establish letters of credit based on the specific transport requirements and the destination country in question.

Our export teams are at your service to…

Carry out the formalities related to export sales

Provide you with dedicated assistance for your commercial operations

Receive advice from our teams specially trained by banking organisations

A service that goes beyond the international transport contract  

We have various administrative mandates from our export clients allowing us to draft documents related to their international export shipments on their behalf:

Bill of lading

Commercial invoice

Packing list

Certificate by the beneficiary

Certificate of analysis

Inspection certificate

Insurance certificate

Certificate of origin

Attestation from the company






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